San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Convention Center
October 19-22, 2022


73rd Southeastern Regional American Chemical Society Meeting

“Chemistry transcending boundaries for a sustainable future”

The SERMACS 2022 Regional Meeting is made possible thanks to the support from our distinguished partners and sponsors. On behalf of the SERMACS 2022 Organizing Committee, we want to thank all the Companies, Institutions and individual that made this event possible thought their commitment, support, efforts, and hard work. We express our most sincere gratitude and hope that the successes of the meeting will bring benefits to all participants. 

SERMACS 2022 Sponsors

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Diamond : $25,000+

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to our diamond sponsor and all other sponsors.

Platinum : $24,999 - $10,000

Lilly del Caribe

Gold: $9,999 - $5,000


ACS International Activities

Silver: $4,999 - $2,500

ACS Office of Outreach Activities

Copper: $2,499 - $1,000


Nickel: $999 - $500

Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Division of Small Chemical Business

Other Sponsors

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Chemical Science Journal-Promo-82x25-graphite
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Symposia, panels, and poster sessions’ sponsors

1.    National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) for the  “Building Inclusive DEIR communities through societal” Symposium

2.    Baylor University sponsorship of (a) $2,500 symposium Novel Strategies for Localized Drug Delivery and (b) symposium Unusual Structures and Reactivity of Inorganic Molecules

3.    ACS President-Elect Judy Giordan  (neXus Regional Meeting Grant for the Sustainable Green Chemistry symposium)

4.    ACS DIC – ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry (DIC)  (for Photoinduced Processes in Macroscopic, Supramolecular and Nanoscale Inorganic Materials symposium, for The Chemistry of Solar Fuelssymposium, for the Inorganic Porous and Layered Materials symposium, and for the Solving Chemical Problems with Crystallography: XRD in the Southeast symposium) 

5.    Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust sponsorship for Chemical Business: Resources and Best Practices symposium and Chemical Business Roundtable

6.    ACS HIST for (a) La Historia de Pioneros y Descubridores en Química symposium and (b) History of Chemistry-Puerto Rico Impact on Chemistry symposium organized by Cliff Padgett

7.    ACS ENFL – ACS Energy and Fuels Division (ENFL)  (for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium and for the Photoinduced Processes in Macroscopic, Supramolecular and Nanoscale Inorganic Materials symposium) (Copper sponsorship)

8.    ACS ANYL – ACS Analytical Chemistry Division (ANYL) for Analytical Chemistry programming (per symposia: (i) Mass Spectrometry: Transcending Boundaries with Innovations in Methods & Technologysymposium, (ii) Forensic Chemistry symposium, (iii) X-ray Diffraction symposium, – (Coppersponsorship)

9.    ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI) for sustainability programming

10. ACS Committee on Minority Affairs (CMA) or four symposia: (1) Building inclusive DEIR communities through societal organizations; (2) Crossing boundaries: the resilience of women chemists Acá y Allá; (3) Project SEED Symposium; (4) Leveraging Diversity and inclusion for Educational Excellence

11. Nanalysis Corp. (for the Unusual Structure and Reactivity of Inorganic Molecules symposium)

12. Joule and Chem journals (RSC) for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

13. ACS SCC – ACS Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) for YCC and SCC panel

14. ACS Coastal Georgia Local Section (for Solving Chemical Problems with Crystallography: XRD in the Southeast symposium)

15. ACS COLL – ACS Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division (COLL) for undergraduate student poster session of the symposium of the Symposium “Surface Chemistry: Polymer Science, Self-Assembly, and Bio interfaces” organized by Rosalynn Quiñones

16. Elsevier –  for student poster competition of the Symposium on Forensic Chemistry

17. ACS PHYS – ACS Physical Chemistry Division (PHYS) for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

18. Dalton Transactions journal (RSC) for the Inorganic Porous and Layered Materials symposium

19. EES Catalysis journal (RSC) -f or The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

20. Energy & Environmental Science journal (RSC) for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

21. EASTMAN for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

22. Chem. Commun. journal (RSC) for the Unusual Structure and Reactivity of Inorganic Molecules symposium

23. Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Science, Chemical Biology, and Biomaterials Science journals (RSC) for the Unusual Structure and Reactivity of Inorganic Molecules symposium

24. ACS CATL for The Chemistry of Solar Fuels symposium

     25.   ACS Board Committee on Corporation Associates sponsorship for Chemical Business: Resources and Best Practices symposium and Chemical Business Roundtable

Student, Outreach and Others Sponsorship

  1. 3M  for student registrations (Gold sponsorship)
  2. ACS Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) Pharma Roundtable for sponsoring students and $1,000 Prof. Jeff Byers) (Silver sponsorship)
  3. ACS President Angela Wilson sponsorship (Silver sponsorship)
  4. ACS Office of Outreach Activities (for outreach activities) ((Silver sponsorship)
  5. Pfizer (for student registrations) (Copper sponsorship)
  6. ACS Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC)-METT 2022 Grant for Local Section Meeting Lounge (Copper sponsorship)
  7. Lilly del Caribe (to sponsor the Festival de Química) (Copper sponsorship
  8. ACS Committee on Chemists with Disabilities (CWD) for sign language interpreters (Copper sponsorship
  9. Gascó Industrial Corp.(Iron sponsorship)


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