San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Convention Center
October 19-22, 2022


73rd Southeastern Regional American Chemical Society Meeting

“Chemistry transcending boundaries for a sustainable future”

SERMACS 2022 is expected to be one of the largest ACS regional meeting of chemistry professionals coming together to hear and give talks on “chemistry transcending boundaries or a sustainable future”.

Our program includes the most progressive symposia topics and scientific presentations, a number of professional and student activities, and many exhibits for you to choose from. As a sponsor, you are sure to get a great return on your investment. We encourage the participation within your organization as well as your financial contribution.


Sponsoring  SERMACS 2022 is simple. Click the botton below to determine your contribution level and download the prospectus. 

Diamond : $25,000+

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to our diamond sponsor.

Platinum : $24,999 - $10,000

ACS Membership

Lilly del Caribe

Gold: $9,999 - $5,000

ACS International Activities

Silver: $4,999 - $2,500

ACS Office of Outreach Activities

Copper: $2,499 - $1,000

Nickel: $999 - $500

Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Division of Small Chemical Business

Other Sponsors

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