Festival de Química

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Convention Center
October 19-22, 2022


National Chemistry Week
Festival de Química at SERMACS 2022
Fabulous Fibers!

Friday, October 21, 2022 8:30-11:30 AM Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, P.R.

The Festival de Química is a community outreach event joining the efforts of hundreds of volunteers that, through demonstrations, emphasize the importance of chemistry in daily life. 

Prior to the Festival of Chemistry a training using the model “Train the trainers” is conducted for those who will work as volunteers. In this training we explain each of the demonstrations and the different concepts involve. In addition, we explain how to adapt the explanations according to the audience. Emphasis on safety issues is given as well of the importance of using a discovery approach to motivate participants.

In this event different stations are set staffed by volunteers, each station present a different demonstration, related to the yearly theme of NCW: Fabulous Fibers! as well as different areas of chemistry and its relevance to daily life. These demonstrations do not involve the use of any hazardous substance only household materials are used. It is through these simple demonstrations that we carry the message of the importance of chemistry in everyday life. This activity are designed for the general public, especially for children to promote the public’s understanding of chemistry in the local communities and communicate the value and impact of chemistry in their lives. We supply safety glasses for children and to alert them that is always important to protect their eyes.

 If you are attending the meeting and you want to work as a volunteer on the event please contact: Ingrid Montes, Ph.D. ingrid.montes58@gmail.com.

Schools or groups interested in attending the event, must confirm their attendance .

Please press the appropriate button to register as a volunteer or attendee.
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The Festival de Química is Generously sponsored by:

Lilly del Caribe
ACS Office of Outreach Activities
Puerto Rico Convention District
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